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Mogodor to Burgh Heath Pipeline

By | September 19, 2014

Mogodor to Burgh Heath Pipeline

Resolving planning and environmental obstacles to development

Sutton and East Surrey Water (SESW) had a requirement to install a new 5km water mains pipeline between Mogador Heath and Burgh Heath, Surrey. SESW approached Adams Hendry for advice on the overall planning strategy having received an EIA screening opinion from Reigate and Banstead Borough Council directing that the proposed route for the pipeline, partly crossing common land, required EIA and therefore a specific grant of planning permission. This decision meant considerable cost and delay to its programme.

Adams Hendry undertook a detailed review of the case and co-ordinated the necessary specialist technical work to appraise the merits of alternative pipeline route options that would minimise the environmental impacts of the works. Throughout this process, there was close liaison and consultation with planning officers at the Council to find a planning and environmental solution that would be acceptable to all parties.

We recommended that SESW revise the route of the pipeline and pursue an alternative scheme. We then submitted a new EIA screening request to the Council. We were able to successfully obtain a negative EIA screening opinion, avoiding the need for a planning application and accompanying Environmental Statement to submitted, and enabling SESW’s to exercise its permitted development rights.

The construction of the water main ensures that there is greater flexibility and resilience within the entire SESW distribution network during periods of drought and emergency situations; and enables more conjunctive use of the Companyʼs resources, reducing reliance on uncertain bulk supplies.


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