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Winchester Cathedral Close

By | September 19, 2014

Master Plan for Winchester Cathedral Close

Collaborative working to deliver favourable solutions

Adams Hendry finalised a master plan for the development and future use of the 9ha Cathedral Close in the centre of the historic city of Winchester. Following an appraisal of conservation and other issues facing this historic and constrained area, the plan sets out a series of proposals in respect of the expansion of the Cathedral Choir School, for capital generating housing development on four sites within the Close, for the improvement of visitor facilities and for the change of use of existing buildings. In addition to archaeological and conservation factors, the site is affected by transport and flood risk constraints. The production of the plan involved extensive community and stakeholder involvement and consultation and the preparation of a Sustainability Appraisal. It was informally endorsed by Winchester City Council as a basis for the consideration of planning applications.

In addition to advising on planning and conservation matters and guiding the Client through the complexities of the planning system to achieve an optimum outcome, we have coordinated in a cost-effective manner the input of a team of specialist consultants including architects, landscape architects, archaeologists and engineers. A key element throughout the commission was the collaborative relationship that we built up with officers from the local authorities, the Environment Agency, English Heritage and the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England. This has enabled favourable solutions to new housing development and transport provision to be negotiated, amongst other matters.


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