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West Sussex County Council

By | June 6, 2017

West Sussex County Council

Providing local planning policy support to help deliver strategic infrastructure requirements

Adams Hendry are currently providing local planning policy support to West Sussex County Council, helping the County Council to ensure that its strategic infrastructure requirements are prioritised and delivered.

We are working closely with the County Council to update Strategic Infrastructure Packages setting out the infrastructure improvements and new infrastructure required to enable the provision of County Council services across West Sussex. We are also preparing detailed Infrastructure Delivery Plans, liaising with service providers to set out a detailed delivery programme for key items of infrastructure, from project feasibility, through to construction and completion; and to advise future CIL negotiations and s106 contributions, future funding priorities and potential funding shortfalls.

Adams Hendry are also assisting the County Council to provide planning policy advice to local planning authorities in West Sussex preparing draft Local Plans including submitting written representations, to ensure that the County Council’s strategic objectives and infrastructure requirements are both secured and can be effectively delivered through local planning policy.

Our work providing local planning policy support to West Sussex County Council builds upon the extensive infrastructure experience that we have gained in our projects for public and private sector clients over more than 20 years.


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