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Eastleigh Borough Local Plan

By | June 20, 2017

Eastleigh Borough Local Plan

providing planning policy support and evidence to help deliver local plans

Adams Hendry is providing long-term consultancy support to Eastleigh Borough Council to help guide the preparation of its emerging local plan (2016-2036). Adams Hendry has undertaken a full review and update of the council’s Strategic Land Availability Assessment which involved consultation and dialogue with site promoters and developers as well as engaging the council’s own Members in the process. Adams Hendry also updated the council’s Annual Monitoring Report over two annual cycles and provided guidance and advice to the council on the requirements of the Habitats Regulations and other detailed matters regarding the delivery of infrastructure associated with a proposed strategic development site.

A member of the Adams Hendry team has been seconded to Eastleigh Borough Council to boost the council’s planning policy resource and provide advice and support on a number of projects as well as producing local plan background papers on a number of matters. These have included the preparation of a full local plan housing trajectory, a delivery trajectory for a large strategic development site, the preparation of a methodology for the selection of smaller greenfield sites for potential allocation in the plan and an audit trail of sites. Adams Hendry has also led in the commissioning and management of other consultants to carry out a local plan viability and CIL assessment and a retail and leisure needs study.


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