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South East Water: Water Resources Management Plan

By | September 19, 2014

South East Water: Water Resources Management Plan

Water Resources Planning to secure sustainable water supplies

Adams Hendry provided strategic town planning advice to South East Water for the company’s current Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP). Water Companies have a statutory duty to prepare a WRMP for their supply area looking ahead for at least the next 25 years that sets out how a water company intend to secure sufficient water supplies for residents, businesses and the environment during the plan period. We worked closely with the water resources and environmental teams within South East Water and its technical advisors, Jacobs, to draft the company’s WRMP for the plan period 2015 to 2040. One of our key aims was to ensure that the complex and highly technical water resources planning process was properly explained and translated into a public document, while at the same time meeting strict guidelines set down by the Environment Agency for the preparation of WRMPs.

We organised stakeholder consultation events with local planning authorities across South East Water’s supply area, assisted with the statutory consultation process and contributed to Focus Groups set up specifically to engage with local groups and stakeholders throughout the development of the WRMP at the draft Plan stages.

Adams Hendry analysed the consultation responses received on South East Water’s draft WRMP, prepared the formal Statement of Response documents and prepared a Revised Draft WRMP. Once approval had been given by the Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs, we prepared the Final WRMP for South East Water.


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