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Stakeholder Consultation

Effective communication with stakeholders is often a crucial factor in the success of projects. We are experienced at identifying relevant stakeholders, preparing consultation material, facilitating community events and stakeholder forums and participating at public consultation events.

We have facilitated more than 50 stakeholder events for public sector clients, as part of their plan making processes. This has included forums for Local Plans, Minerals Local Plans, Waste Local Plans and site specific Action Plans. We have also acted on behalf of promoters at both virtual and in person public consultation events for large and complicated planning applications and development consent orders (DCO’s).

From one off events, to series of topic or site based activities, we have the skills and experience across our planning team to provide lead facilitators and workshop group leaders.

Our Projects include:

Guildford STW relocation and Deephams Sewage Works Upgrade - Thames Water

Woolston WwTW Upgrade, Testwood Pipeline and Candover Drought Scheme - Southern Water

Lower Link Farm - Vitacress Salads

Hart District Council

Fareham Borough Council

Dorset Minerals Forum

Wiltshire and Swindon Minerals and Waste Development Framework Forums

Featured Project

Oikos Marine & South Side Development (OMSSD)

Facilitating effective community engagement

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, traditional face to face consultation for development proposals were not possible. As a result the statutory consultation that is required as part of the Development Consent Order (DCO) process for the OMSSD proposal took an innovative digital first approach. This means that although hard copies of material were available, the primary route for the consultation was online or virtual.

Adams Hendry lead on the implementation of the consultation strategy, which included the presentation of public webinars and follow up question and answer sessions, the development and management of a digital questionnaire and virtual exhibition room, which aimed to replicate the face to face experience of attending a traditional public event. Through this approach a wider variety of participants were able to access the material for the entire duration of the consultation and beyond. This contributed to an effective consultation exercise undertaken during unprecedented times.


Andy Blaxland or Emma Barnett  01962 877414 | a.blaxland@adamshendry.co.uk or e.barnett@adamshendry.co.uk