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Concerns about climate change give a new emphasis to the need to reduce emissions by the inclusion of measures to generate energy by renewable means in development proposals. Adams Hendry is experienced in a wide range of energy proposals including solar farms, gas pipelines, wind turbines and the burning of biogas and solid wastes.

Our skills include:

Planning Applications and consents strategy

Stakeholder consultation and public engagement

Site searches and feasibility

Co-ordinating environmental surveys and assessments eg. ecology, noise, cultural heritage

Environmental Impact Assessment

Our Projects

Solar power projects

Planning to secure long-term energy security through renewables

For various clients.

Adams Hendry is advising a number of clients on Solar projects comprising ground and roof mounted and floating installations. Our work includes advising on Permitted Development rights and the need for Prior Approvals, and the preparation of applications for planning permission where required, including liaison with landowner, solar developer, other technical consultants and the relevant local planning authorities. We have successfully facilitated the installation of a number of solar developments to date, and are currently working with one of our major water company clients on rolling out solar installations across a large number of its sites across the south east of England.

Enhanced Digestion: Beckton, Crossness, Oxford and Riverside STWs

Planning for the provision of innovation in the handling of sewage sludge

Client: Thames Water

Since 2010 Adams Hendry have been working with Thames Water and its contractors to deliver Enhanced Sludge Digestion Facilities at its Beckton, Crossness, Oxford and Riverside Sewage Treatment Works. These facilities utilise Thermal Hydrolysis to enhance sewage sludge generated through the wastewater treatment process prior to its digestion anaerobically within sealed digester tanks.

For each project Adams Hendry worked alongside the project engineering and design team to lead the development of planning and environmental assessment and reporting necessary to enable planning applications to be made to the local planning authorities.

Cross Solent Gas Pipeline

Successfully overlapping legislative and consent regimes

Client: Southern Gas Networks

Adams Hendry prepared an application for consent to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change for the installation of new high-pressure twin gas pipelines under the Solent connecting the mainland in New Forest District and the Isle of Wight. Consent was sought under the Public Gas Transporter Pipeline Works (EIA) Regulations 1999, and the preparation of a separate planning application to the Local Authority.

Extending 3.9km under the Solent, the pipelines were believed to be the longest in the world at the time constructed by horizontal directional drilling. The scheme was granted the necessary consents in 2010 and is now fully operational.


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