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Enhanced Digestion: Beckton, Crossness, Oxford and Riverside STWs

By | September 19, 2014

Enhanced Digestion: Beckton, Crossness, Oxford and Riverside STWs

Planning for the provision of innovation in the handling of sewage sludge

Since 2010 Adams Hendry have been working with Thames Water and its contractors to deliver Enhanced Sludge Digestion Facilities at its Beckton, Crossness, Oxford and Riverside Sewage Treatment Works. These facilities utilise Thermal Hydrolysis to enhance sewage sludge generated through the wastewater treatment process prior to its digestion anaerobically within sealed digester tanks. The resulting gas is captured prior to it being drawn off for use as a source of green energy in designated Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engines. The residual sludge cake is of an improved quality to conventional digestion such that it can be applied to all agricultural land uses identified within the Sludge Matrix.

For each project Adams Hendry worked alongside the project engineering and design team to lead the development of planning and environmental assessment and reporting necessary to enable planning applications to be made to the local planning authorities.

With each site carrying its own localised issues, such as sensitive odour environments, construction within valued historical conservation areas, balancing development with the logistics of water freight, or the ensuring development compatability in close proximity to the Green Belt, Adams Hendry led discussions with the authorities to ensure that as the applications were prepared key local issues and questions were appropriately addressed.

The ability of our experienced staff to understand these technical projects and promote them alongside the needs of all key stakeholders has ensured in that permission has been delivered on time and within budget every time. As a result, all four developments are now under construction or recently completed.


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