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Oikos Storage Ltd

Hazardous Substances Consent Application

Oikos Storage Ltd is applying to Castle Point Borough Council for a variation to its existing Hazardous Substances Consent.

Information relating to the application, including what is being applied for and when and where it will be available to view, is detailed in the public notice that can be downloaded below:

Click here to download public notice

The application is now available to view and download, please see links below:

Application Form

Application Form
Schedule 1 to Application Form

Particulars of the Existing 2012 and 2013 HSC's

Existing 2012 HSC
Existing 2013 HSC

Public Notices

Newspaper Certificate
Newspaper Notice
Site Notice
Site Notice Certificate

Landowner Notices

Landowner Certificate (Form 2)
Landowner Certificate (Form 3)
Landowner Public Notice

HSC Plans

Change of Location Plan (1)
Change of Location Plan (2)
Site Map

Supporting Statement

Supporting Statement
Figure 1 - Site Surroundings
Figure 2 - Proposed HSC Position