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Adams Hendry Planning & Built Environment News Round-Up -18th September 2018

The Adams Hendry News Round-Up highlights recent news and commentary relating to planning and the built environment.


This week’s round-up includes new and updated Planning Practice Guidance, an update on the examination of the new London Plan, and RTPI practice advice on planners as expert witnesses.


PPG updates published (The Planner - Requires Log-in)

“The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has published new and updated guidance on assessing housing need and plan-making, following publication of the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) in July.

The updated guidance forms part of a series of changes to Planning Practice Guidance (PPG). The guidance reflects changes in the NPPF.

New guidance has been published on: 

 Updated guidance has been published on: 

The full collection of PPG can be found here on the MHCLG website.”


London Plan Examination Update (Simonicity)

“We are now clearer as to what lies ahead, for the next year at least: the documents and deadlines are beginning to come thick and fast.

The appointed panel of inspectors (Roisin Barrett, William Fieldhouse and David Smith) set out this timetable in their Panel Note No 1 (August 2018): 

  • End of August 2018 – Panel consult the Mayor on a draft list of matters and participants. 
  • Mid September – Publication of draft list of matters and participants. 
  • Mid October – deadline for comments on draft list of matters and participants. 
  • Early November – Technical seminars (if necessary). 
  • Early November – Publication of final list of matters and participants (at least 6 weeks before EIP starts). 
  • Early December – first deadline for written statements in response to EIP matters. 
  • Mid January to May 2019 – EIP hearing sessions. 
  • Summer 2019 – Panel report.

Over 20,000 representations to the draft plan were received from around 4,000 individuals and organisations (the GLA website has a useful link to them).

The Panel published today, 14 September 2018, its: 

  • Panel Note no 3 
  • draft list of matters for consideration at the EIP 
  • draft list of participants

There will be a maximum of 22 participants at each session. Those who have not been invited to appear have an opportunity until 11 October 2018 to make representations as to why they should be invited…”


Planners as Expert Witnesses (RTPI)

“The RTPI has worked with representatives of PEBA, the Planning and Environmental Bar Association to publish this practice advice. It sets out the duties and responsibilities of being an expert witness, along with top tips on how to improve your performance. It also outlines the procedures for planners to secure professional access to barristers. The advice refers to the procedures that apply in England, Wales and Scotland.

Download the full report here.”


Ombudsman offers practical guidance to planners when recording decisions (Local Government Lawyer)

“The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman (LGO) has issued new guidance for planners when recording the decisions they make.

The Ombudsman said it received more than 2,000 complaints and enquiries each year about English local authorities’ planning functions.

It added that common areas in which it found fault with the decision-making process included failing to explain properly the reasons for decisions, or overlooking material considerations.

The LGO said that based on real casework examples, the learning points in the report offered “clear, practical steps planners can take to ensure the decisions they make are evidenced and recorded properly”.

The guidance, which can be viewed on the Ombudsman’s website, also includes good practice suggestions, along with links to relevant legislation and resources, including the framework Ombudsman investigators use to publish their own investigation decisions.”


Northern highway upgrade is latest DCO decision (Bircham Dyson Bell)

“Today’s entry reports on the latest decision on a Development Consent Order application.

On Wednesday, a full nine days before the end of the allotted three months, the Secretary of State for Transport granted a Development Consent Order (DCO) for the junction between the A19 and the A184 in South Tyneside…”


A new ‘stackable’ electric public transport system commences testing (Intelligent Transport)

“A next generation public transport system that uses a stackable design, similar to that used for shopping trolleys, has undertaken the latest stage of its development and testing.

ESPRIT, an innovative mobility system designed to allow people to make use of small, electric vehicles for short trips between two locations, is a leading project in the European Commission’s Green Vehicles Sub-Programme of Horizon 2020.

The lightweight, ‘L’ category electrical vehicles are designed for short journeys in areas of high population. They can be stacked together to save space, allow multiple vehicles to be charged from one facility and enable vehicles to be driven in a ‘road train’.

The vehicles have a range of approximately 50km and would be picked up and dropped off at ESPRIT stations, where the vehicles would charge whilst unused. The stations would be located close to transport interchanges to encourage ESPRIT to be used alongside other transport modes, thereby facilitating first-and last-mile connectivity and complementing public transport.

A pioneering coupling system is used which allows up to eight vehicles to form a road train, driven by the lead vehicle’s operator. This key feature supplies the potential for very efficient vehicle redistribution, which is crucial for successful one-way car-sharing systems.”


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