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Fareham Local Plan

By | September 15, 2014

Fareham Local Plan

Providing planning policy support to help deliver Local Plans

Adams Hendry worked closely with Fareham Borough Council to provide advice and planning policy support for the successful examination of the Borough’s Development Sites and Policies (DSP) Plan.

With a Core Strategy adopted in 2011, Fareham have prepared two further Development Plan Documents, to complete the Borough’s Local Plan. The Welborne Plan covers proposals for the new ‘garden community’ that will be developed to the north of Fareham. The DSP Plan sets out the site allocations and development management policies for the remainder of the Borough to 2026.

Adams Hendry assisted the Council in its preparations for the DSP Plan examination by drafting issue statements on a wide range of topics. We also provided advice to the Council on its overall approach to housing supply and helped the Council to review its housing monitoring systems to ensure its five-year housing land supply assessment is robust. We also assisted the Council to prepare for two major residential site planning appeals.

Following the successful Examination, the DSP Plan was adopted in June 2015. Our team continues to assist Fareham BC in its preparation for a full review of the adopted Local Plan, in particular by supporting the Council in the identification and definition of its housing requirements.


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