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Best Practice Research – Enterprise M3 LEP

By | September 19, 2014

Best Practice Research - Enterprise M3 LEP

Best practice recommendations to stimulate economic growth

Adams Hendry was appointed by the Enterprise M3 Local Economic Partnership to carry out best practice research in order to inform future planning services and business approaches to planning. The intended combined effect of the research is to reduce and avoid the burdens, cost and delay that can be experienced as a result of the planning process, so that business confidence in the area is improved, investment is enhanced, and sustainable economic growth supported.

Carrying out extensive desk based research, alongside consultation with business representatives and with local planning authorities and consultants, we identified examples of best practice both within the EM3 area and nationally. Adams Hendry prepared a report building on the LEP’s draft Planning and Development Charter, advising on a set of guidelines and recommendations that could be taken forward by the LEP, to help LPAs deliver Charter commitments, and to help business ensure that the planning process moves forward smoothly and expediently when planning applications are submitted.


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