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Alsoils+ Soil Recycling Facility

By | October 12, 2014

Alsoils+ Soil Recycling Facility

Consent secured for a locally important facility in a nationally sensitive location

Working for Alsoils+ Ltd, a sustainable soil recycling business serving the Hampshire and South of England area, Adams Hendry successfully promoted and secured temporary planning permission for the operation of their soil recycling business located within the South Downs National Park.

Providing locally important capacity for the recovery and re-use of waste soils from construction and other projects, the facility operates from its working farm location near Hambledon in the heart of the National Park, carefully integrating its essential services within its sensitive location.

Alsoils+ and Adams Hendry worked closely with Hampshire County Council as Waste Planning Authority, the Environment Agency and the South Downs National Park Authority, who determined the application under call-in powers, to ensure that key issues relating to landscape, highways, drainage and waste permitting were addressed and appropriately controlled to enable permission to be granted.


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